Design engineers   •   Project managers  •  Naval architects  •  Estimators  •  Dock masters  •  Steel work foremen and chargehands  •  Rigger foremen and chargehands •  Hull treatment foremen and chargehands •  Pipe foremen and chargehands •  Mechanical foremen and chargehands •  Scaffolder foremen and chargehands •  Dock electricians •  Yard electricians for electrical maintenance and new electrical equipment •  Coded welders for electric arc, argon and CO2 welding •  Steel fabricators for steel structures on ships for new buildings and repairs •  Riggers for docking block arrangements, docking manouevring and weights handling •  Blasters and painters for vessel hulls, decks, superstructures, tanks and different parts and surfaces •  Pipe fitters for maintenance or new system pipes and boiler makers •  Mechanical fitters to repair engines, valves, pumps, blasting or painting machines and deck installations •  Scaffolders for scaffoldings in tanks and around the superstructures and roof

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